The GBCA honored Fragkiskos Alvertis


The Greek Basketball Coaches Association was in OAKA on Sunday's afternoon, where the game-celebration for Fragkiskos Alvertis took place. The General Secretary, Thodoros Bolatoglou and the Vice-President, Giorgos Kalafatakis, honoring the former captain of Panathinaikos for all that he gave in Greek Basketball.

Giorgos Kalafatakis, who spoke of all the Greek coaches, gave the trophy to Alvertis for his "long and valuable offering".

"Frankie" was honored by all basketball people during the friendly game of Panathinaikos against CSKA (82-69). During the game the jersey with No4 was retired.


"I thank you all. If I could start all over, I would do it at once because that is the only way I could repay all the things you did for me" was the message of Alvertis to the fans, before adding that "I want you to remember that we have to stay together in good times and bad times".