Extension of application of the coaching ID


Our Association in its effort to follow the modern trends in sports and help the upgrade of basketball and the one of the coach's role in Greece, underlines the importance of extension of application of the coaching IDs in every division.

That's why the Greek Basketball Coaches Association wants to make clear that:

A) We are really concerned by the fact that in youth competitions (juniors, cadets etc) there are people without the proper knowledge and professional certification that are named as coaches, despite what the regulation allows.

B) There is lack of attention from the clubs in youth teams and often the administrations make convenient choices without having a program for the future.

C) There is a constant shrinking of the number of young players because of the absence of coaches that will inspire and guide them to the sport and make them love the game. This is a role that goes to the coaches that are trained and capable of.

 We are standing in the unpleasant situation to realize that we are facing serious danger of the sports degradation and underestimation for all the above reasons.

Because we have to evaluate and take under serious consideration the present living conditions, the demands and the needs that a healthy sportsmanship requires and stand next to the children's effort to play sports,

Because our goal is the upgrade of the competitions,

Because we think that we have to protect and maintain the integrity with ultimate goal the rise and expand of basketball,

Because we have to take under consideration the dangers that jeopardize the true spirit of sport (like doping etc)

We want to expand to all the local division and all the youth competitions the obligation of the coach to hold a coaching ID, something that follows the regulation 2725/99 (article 31). The above are considered the start of the quality upgrade of the sport, which future is our concern.