Draw and honors

ioannidis_markopoulos.jpgDuring the draw of the A1 league, ESAKE honored the stars of the previous season. One of them was the "coach of the year" Soulis Markopoulos. Also we found out the fixtures of the season, before the coaches and the players spoke out loud about their thoughts.

Soulis Markopoulos, who led Maroussi in the forth place of the play-offs, got his award from the Undersecretary of Sports, Giannis Ioannidis.

"I would like to thank the media for the recognition and the administration of the team for the trust they have showed me. I would like also to congratulate all the players and all the team members that are not on the spotlight. Bravo to my assistants who were in great "shape" said the experienced coach.

From his point of view Giannis Ioannidis, after congratulating Maroussi team he underlined: "Maroussi was like a champion. It was the pleasant surprise along with Panionios and that is the reality".

The quotes of the coaches

Panagiotis Giannakis (Olympiakos): The game of Olympiakos is full of highlights and we want the fans to be on our side. It is bad that we will not have them in the first two games of the season. I hope to have their support the rest of the year. If we play good basketball, we will have a good year. We will try to reach the top. I hope that the insurance issue in A2 league will be solved, so that the players will have the best possible condition on the court, in order to bring a new crowd in the stadium".

Zelimir Obradovic (Panathinaikos): "What happened in the end of the season must not be repeated next year. It's a shame. I think that it's a time for actions, not for words".

Elias Zouros (Panellinios): "For a coach to start from the beginning of the season his wok is very important. Our goal is to get in top form and fight in Europe. We want to go as high as possible".

Giorgos Bartzokas (Olympia Larissas): "For the second straight year we gained the "moral award". In our court you can find... civilized situations. All of the people that work for Olympia always try for the best, although it's a long way ahead of us".

Thanasis Skourtopoulos (Aigaleo): "The conditions are better and the team is more organized. I hope that we will not have any other player loss and I wish for the best. Picking a player is not like the lottery. The player improve through hard work, as Jaamber did".

Giannis Sfairopoulos (Kolossos Rhodes): I wish everybody a good season. I hope that every team will show its best on the court. We are a team very organized, which wants to win recognition".

Argiris Pedoulakis: "It's a difficult task. PAOK starts from ground zero. It has a tremendous crowd and if the fans support the effort, we will do many surprisingly good things".

Giannis Christopoulos (Triakala): "I am very happy that the administration trusted me in such a difficult moment".

NikosLinardos (Maroussi): "We have to congratulate the administration of Maroussi that provides the proper conditions. Our secret is for the past ten years we are like a family. The following season is very demanding. We have to be one of the best six teams. Olympiakos will be very competitive and I thing that the championship will be judged in the photo finish".