The Greek Basketball Coaches Association was founded in 1971 from a team 21 trainers basket with head the honorary chairman of Council and “patriarch" of Greek Basket, Fedona Mattheou.

In the beggining the offices were under the platforms of  Sports Arena Sportig. As it is described by the first statute which they signed historical executives (Pantazopoulos, Mourouzis, Sentoukas, Sebdinoglou, Basilakopoulos, Nikitopoulos, Zanos, Papakyriakou, Petalidis, Klagkas, Alexiadis, Spanoudakis, Christoforou, Agathou, Philippou, Roumpanis, Terkesidis, Panoutsos, Papadimitriou, Aggelidis) aim of the association is the rise of level of Greeks trainer, the recognition and the consolidation of his members so that they claim their rights.

Also the protection their economic and professional interests. To this direction they aim the annually international clinics that have great success because have lectured in them leading names of world basket (Bobby Knight, Pat Raily, etc).

Chairmen of G.B.C.A. have been: Mattheou, Cholevas, Anastasatos, Ioannidis, Kyritsis. Now,  chairman is Panagiotis Giannakis which was elected the summer of 2002. The G.B.C.A.  privately-owned offices are on av. Siggrou 230 (3rd floor) and till now we have over of 2.700 members.