Tolis Karnesis on


Near East, one of the most traditional basketball teams in Greece, was benefited by its steadiness throughout the season, celebrating the championship of Division B' and the return ticket to A2. "The back-court was our weapon" noted -interviewed by Tolis Karnesis, the Kaisariani's team head coach.

He is a man who is connected to the club as a player and a coach. That's way he has to feel ever more proud."We started the season in a great way and showed stability. We stood at the first place from the beginning to the end. Generally we did as much as we expected with this team" he noted. The team's advantage was its full roster. "It played a significant role because we surpassed many problems due to injuries, especially in the first months" he explained.

"The back-court was our weapon. We had two very good play-makers, two excellent guards and a big help in the "3" position. The good thing about this season was the fact that we had an experienced center, Giorgos Papoulidis, who filled the gap in the key" Tolis Karnesis underlined.Referring to the league's particularity he said that "there were 7-8 even teams. The league didn't have much of a quality, but it was very competitive. Another strong point was the atmosphere in certain courts with a crowd well-attached to basketball, such as Lagkadas, Drama, Aigio, Layrio".

In front of him stands the challenge of A2. "It is a division with much better quality. I don't know if it is more competitive, because this year we encountered a league of three different groups of teams. I hope that we will have a fine league, because it is very suited to this kind of clubs".