Kiratzis: "The country has to produce"


Apollon Ptolemaidas is considered a value for women's basketball. This year in particular the team has made quite an impression in the beginning of the season, being characterized as surprise. Its coach Kostas Kiratzis, talked to GBCA for the first games, and whole championship and the... one-way of talent producing.

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V. Vlachos in

amintas_mikri.jpgAmyntas got last week its first win in the B’ National Division and its coach, Vaggelis Vlachos, talked to about the game, his team and the league.

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Chr. Serelis in


After Pagrati comes... Olympia Larissas. Lavrio continues its impressive run in the Greek Cup and the coach, Christos Serelis, talked to about the tournament, the championship of the B' National division and also for the goals and the philosophy of his team.

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V. Mageiras analyzes the Euroleague group of Panionios


The assistant coach of Alexander Trifounovic, accepted to talk to and analyze one by one the opponents of Panionios in the Euroleague. The Greek coach made clear that CSKA is the great favorite even for the final-four, while adding that Real Madrid is capable for big things.

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G. Tsemberis: "Women's basketball is facing many problems"

tsemper.jpgThe coach of Panionios women's team talked to about his team, the difficulties he is facing and overall for the ill women's basketball. Besides Panionios he is responsible for Youth Teams and thinks that the substructure is not working properly!

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Dikaioulakos: "Women's basketball is rising"

dik.jpgThe head coach of Athinaikos, who is also a member of the women's national team coaching staff, Tzortzis Dikaioulakos gave an interview to on everything that has to do with women's basketball in Greece. He talked about the Cup, which is already in its third phase, about the upcoming championship and the favorite teams which come up by the level of the administration's organization and the roster and about the success of the national team. What was his conclusion about women's basketball in Greece? It is rising and that comes from specific facts and conquers.

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Ο Κώστας Κεραμιδάς στο

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kkeramidas_mikri.jpgΟ προπονητής της γυναικείας ομάδας του Παναθηναϊκού, Κώστας Κεραμιδάς, μίλησε στο για τη φετινή ομάδα του "τριφυλλιού", την πρόκριση στο κύπελλο και συνολικά για το πρωτάθλημα της Α1. "Είμαστε πολύ αισιόδοξοι για τη συνέχεια" τόνισε ο έμπειρος προπονητής, που "καυτηρίασε" τα προβλήματα που μαστίζουν το επαγγελματικό μπάσκετ.

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K. Charitatos: "Our goal is to stay undefeated in home"

xaritatos2.jpgA healthy administration and a solid home record are the main ingredients -according to Kostas Charitatos- that define the teams that will play fight for the top or the last spots of the league. The coach of the team of Kallithea, spoke and analyzed the championship of the B' National Division, just before the first jump-ball.

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Korfas: "Basketball is... basketball"

korfas.jpgFrom PAOK to Apollon Kalamarias, a different division, different goals, different philosophy for Jonh Korfas, who talked to for the build of a new team in B' National Division. "Basketball is... basketball" explained the Greekamerican coach, who added that "I like that we have players who want to work hard every day".

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S. Katsounis: "More happy days, than sad days"

pagkrati_fasi.jpgAlthough he is a rookie in the A2 league (he have never coached a team on this division), Savvas Katsounis the new "boss" of Pagrati has sat next to great coaches such as Kostas Sorotos and Nikos Karagiannis and is sitting on solid basis. The coach of the "red and black" team talked to about the difficult job of putting a team together and his predictions.

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