Zafeiroudis: "A fight against time"

zafeiroudis_mikri.jpgThe official games haven't started yet but Xanthi has already begun its own fight... against time. Giorgos Zafeiroudis, the team's coach, underlined it when he was interviewed by sepk.g for this year's experiment, the A2 division of the three groups and his own team who will play more as a team and will fight until the end.

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Koukoulekidis: "Work gives you power"

koukoulekidis_mikri.jpg"The A2 is an unpredictable league with great interest" noted Stratos Koukoulekidis, talking to The coach of MENT spoke about the championship, his team and its potentials. "Working hard gives you power" he said.

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Grigoriadis: "We want to play offensive basketball"

grigoriadis.jpg Nikos Grigoriadis was interviewed by about the goals of KAOD, the particularity of a team based in the countryside and analyzes the division. "We are aiming high" was the first words of the coach of Drama, who underlined that "we want to play offensive basketball"

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Chouchoulis: "We always aim high"

houhoulis_mikri.jpg From B' ESKA to A2 and still going... Panerithraikos with coach Dimitris Chouchoulis sets the bar high, without thinking that the ticket to A1 is the sole goal. "We made for the first time many changes in our roster and we want to build a team that in the next three years will advance in the highest level of Greek basketball" said the coach of the north suburbs' team in, analyzing the transactions and the league.

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N. Economou: "I 've killed the... player a long time ago"


Nikos Economou was very clear in his words when he spoke to about the goals of Olympiadas Patras. He said that the only goal of the "orange" team is to advance to A1 and make a championship run. He also explained how difficult it is to build a team which will aim high and the parts that need special attention according to the players' selection. He also noted that he has ‘killed' the player inside him and added that he supports the fight of the PAPBC saying that "sometime thing must get straighten up".

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G. Chrysanthopoulos: "A2 is a... sprint"

chrisanthopoulos.JPGHe found himself out of the sudden in A2 League or the people of the team expected something like this to happen? The coach of the "rookie" team Keraunos, Giannis Chrisanthopoulos, talked to about the happy drift of participating in an upper division, and of course for the difficulties a coach, who has to build a team in such short notice, is facing.

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Tsotsoumanos: "We enjoy the A2 Division"

tsotsoumanos_mikri.jpgFor some teams the player's production is more important than the solid goal of advancing in the upper division. ICBS is one of them and now it's getting ready for their fourth consecutive year in the A2 League. The coach of the "College", Nikos Tsotsoumanos, was interviewed by about the team, its goals and the "recycling" noted in the division.

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N. Karagiannis: "A1 is the clear goal"


The path of diplomacy is common for the coaches, although the coach of Peristeri, Nikos Karagiannis, talking to didn't hide his thoughts. "Of course our goal it to go to A1" said the experienced coach among other things.

"Peristeri along with Iraklis, is the teams with the greatest history in the league. There are the most well known teams and the expectations are high. In my team there is an administration very organized that can provide the best conditions for a coach and moreover I can say that our roster is quite full for the division.


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Alonso: "Rubio isn't ready yet"

sito_badalona_mikri.jpgSito Alonso, who visited Greece last June in order to lecture in the International Clinic for Young Players "Veroia 2008" held by the GBCA, now is facing the greater challenge of his career. The upcoming season the youngest coach in ACB will be sitting in the bench of Joventut Badalona, in the place of Aito Garcia Reneses. The 32years-old coach during the pre-season training of "Penya" talks about his "mentor", Ricky Rubio, Rudy Fernandez and the next big stars of Spanish basketball.

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Krzyzewski: "I learned a lot from Greece"

coachk_mikri.jpgO Mike Krzyzewski after putting his Gold Olympic Medal over the fireplace, he is waiting to place something else nearby, the book he is writing about the way of team USA in the Beijing Olympic Games, where he took precious lessons from the Greek national team.

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