Payment ways

The Coach identity Card  is published in annual base by the G.B.C.A. and is distributed in the beginning of each game season. Essential condition for the receipt constitutes the refunding of annual subscription, as well as previous debts.

The residents of Prefecture Attica receive their Identity from the offices of G.B.C.A.  (av. L. Syngrou 230, Kallithea), the residents of Notherner Greece from the offices of G.B.C.A.  in Thessalonica (National Gym of Mikras), while the remainder members postal.

The annual subscription can be paid off :

  1. in the offices of G.B.C.A. in Athens
  2. in the offices of G.B.C.A. in Thessalonica
  3. with cash on delivery in the address of G.B.C.A. in Athens, via the EΛ.ΤΑ.
  4. with payment in the National Bank of Greece with IBAN: GR85 0110 0760 0000 0764 7041 347
* Attention in the payment with cash on delivery as through the number of account of National Bank of Greece are entered the Full name, the number of registration and the explanation of mission of money (eg Subscription etc) ...intelligent web software