Supporting documents B' Class


The faculty they can attendance those who:

1. They have age up to 45 years.

2. They have diploma C' division and corresponding Licence for exercise the profession from the  General Secretariat of Sports which was acquired at least one year ago.

3. They deposit certification from Hellenic Basketball Federation or Local union that they practised the profession of Basketball trainer for one year or they deposit solemn statement of Basketball Trainer A' Division  that he worked as assistant coach to the  team for interval of one year.

4.They have participated at least in (1) Clinic of basketball in Greece or abroad, by producing of certification of responsible institution.

Exception for this article about study in Faculty Trainer B' Division, right of study they have and the graduates of T.E.Φ.A.A. that possess secondary speciality of basketball, if they  fill the conditions of cases 1 and 2 of the present article.



The candidates should submit the following supporting documents:

1. Application of interest.

2. Medical certification of health.

3.Certificate of studies of Knowledge of ([High school or Lyceum or other equivalent faculty or degree POLYTECHNIC COLLEGES or degree HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTIONS).

4.Penal situation of applicant (it is asked by the General Secretariat of Sports).

5.Solemn statement (article 8 Laws 1599/86) “for not exercise of penal prosecution and for not reference in penal trial”.

6. Photocopy of police identity (two aspects)

The application with attached supporting documents, that should be ratified, they are deposited at least seven (7) days before the date of beginning of operation of faculty, in the General Secretariat of Sports - Kifissias 7, T.Θ. 14305, Τ.Κ. 115 23, Athens. ...intelligent web software