Blatt and Hommer

blatt_sepkDavid Blatt is not only a very  good coach, but also a great speaker, as it is proved in the last press conference he have (before the game against Peristeri), where he mentioned Homer's Iliada, in order to comment his team Aris. He also talked about the problems his team is facing, its away performance and the many three point shots.

"We have a very important game for both teams. The clock is ticking and there is not much time to loose games in A1. Peristeri has played some solid games this season. They have a quality in their gym and they have gotten some big wins. It is an important much and I hope we will play accordingly".

"We have many injuries and problems but the medical staff is doing an excellent job. In Iliada, Aris the God of War, was wounded but returned in battle pushing along many warriors. That's what we have to do".

Talking about what his team has to do in order to improve its image in away games we mentioned: "You have to be very careful with possessions and try to turn the ball fewer times than your opponent. Secondly you have to get more rebounds. The third and most complex thing is that you have to show character. We are lucky to have great fans, but we cannot bring Alexandreio in our away games" he said.

As for the many three points shots his team is making he commented: "I am not so concerned about that. I am worried about the few offensive rebounds we are getting". ...intelligent web software