Next to the coaches of Youth Teams


The Greek Basketball Coaches Association from the beginning has noted the importance of youth teams, something that is demonstrated by the consistency in the holding of International and Local Clinics for Young Players. The Association will stand -once more- side by side with the coaches that work in Youth Teams.

Everybody knows the importance of an organized, methodical and proper effort in the youth teams. They are the place that the ingredients for a latter career in basketball are put together.

The work of those coaches, unfortunately, is often overlooked and rarely meets the spotlight. The above understanding doesn't refer to their successes, but mostly to the problems they are facing. Working under difficult circumstances and not getting their money on time is a common thing.

 The GBCA finds this kind of acts inappropriate, especially when they are the coaches that work so many hours with children, getting a small amount, while they are the people that bring the money to the teams. The Association wants to stand next to those coaches, who carry out such a tough -but necessary- mission.

From now on the GBCA will be present in any matter that has to do with youth teams, opening a channel of communication with the coaches that work with children. Through the site of the Association they can send their thoughts, their complaints and in general do anything they believe will make better the circumstances in which the young players are grown.

Moreover the Association is willing to take over the legal coverage of the youth teams' coaches (not those who give official games), who will claim their money through in court. The GBCA will pay for the court expenses, until a first degree court disicion. ...intelligent web software