The message of the president Panagiotis Giannakis


 The president of the Greek Basketball Coaches Association, Panagiotis Giannakis, expresses his whishes for 2009 and also sends the message of the GBCA to every direction, inviting the members of the Association to come to the first event of the year.

The event is the cut of the "vasilopita" in Athens on the 6th of January (20.30) in the "Athenaeum Intercontinental' (Siggrou Avenue 89-93 in Afroditi Hall), during which the Association will honor Kostas Diamantopoulos, Kostas Koutsoukos, Kostas Koumanakos, Ourania Vlanti, Andreas Loverdos and the "coach of the year" Soulis Markopoulos.

The first four will be honored for the thing they have offered in greek basketball, and Andreas Loverdos for his contribution to Greek sports.

The president's message:

"In the doorstep of 2009 the Greek Basketball is progressing, but certain problems remain unsolved. The Greek Basketball Coaches Association continued for another year to fight for the progress of the Greek coach, for his education, and also for the conquest of his basic rights, which many times need fights and team work.

During 2008 the Association showcased their support to the coaches of the Youth Teams, opening at first a communication channel which will bring the problems to the surface and secondly it was decided to cover the court expenses for the coaches who will try to get their money.

Our goal is that the labour efforts of the GBCA will be even more intense the following year, securing the hard work of the coaches. On those terms the Association has already appointed a committee for the reassurance of the lowest payroll in A1. Starting from the upper league the frame will grow to the lower divisions, a goal which will be achieved only with the help of the coaches, who need to sign contracts and secure their work by law.

It can be easily understood that all the above cannot happen with only the GBCA trying. Nothing will change if -first of all- us, the Greek coaches, don't show the interest in the profession we chose to service. Our hope is that the next year all of us will stand side by side with the Association. We have to keep attending in a massive way the Clinics, fighting for our rights and working together so the Greek Coach will gain the suited place in society.

I think that he hold on our hands many things that form the greater image of the sport we love. Unfortunately we cannot do much for the plague of violence We have to put ourselves under the limits and get into the proper role, in order to help the effort.

The coach which sets the guidelines to the team can be the bright example of behavior, not only of the players, but also of the fans. We have to spread our hand to the families and bring in the stand the true fans, like those who support the National Team and have not been conquered by fanaticism.

The GBCA awaits everybody's presence in the cut of the "vasilopita" in Athens and Salonica, because we will have the chance to put our hands together for the people that succeeded through basketball.

I whish everyone a happy new year". ...intelligent web software