Players and Coaches against violence


Great power equals great responsibility. That goes with the power of sports, which are not only considered an aspect of social life, but in many occasions become the oasis among the hard everyday life.  The leaders in sports, the players and the coaches, with their acts and sayings must not encourage violence and on the contrary have to condemn it and discourage it. This is the message of the players and the coaches and it must be taken under consideration by the fans and the organs which have to concentrate in the prevention and the punishment.

The tragic events that happened in Greece -even in sports arenas- are still fresh in our memories and now that are the cup's final and the play-offs are coming, the Players' Union and the GBCA are stepping up in order to crash violence and solve the problem from its roots.

"Stop the violence" is the message of the players and the coaches of A1 League. All of them have nothing to separate, except their passion for victory-, which comes only to sports frames.

Violence doesn't involve solely conflicts in the stands. Violence can also be verbal. No one has the right to degrade a player or a coach, who is only trying to do the best for his team. Cursing aren't helping nobody, instead they bring tension and insult the stars of the game.

We have to bring an end to all these extreme behaviors that are damaging basketball and don't allow the players to enfold their talent. Let's screen hooliganism, which has no place in sports.

Basketball has given us many glorious moments and it needs the proper treatment. We say no to violence and no to insults. Let us enjoy the game... ...intelligent web software