The 29th issue of "Basketball Coach"


The new issue of the magazine of the Greek Basketball Coaches Association, the "Basketball Coach" is published (No29). In this issue there is an extent reference to the matter of "coach ID in every division", while there featured many tactical and psychological issues.

Thanasis Papandreou writes about the defense of Temple University, Ioannis Diamantakos has given an article in which he analyzes the psychological state of mind of a basketball player, while Eleni Kafantari with the addition of Thanasis Papandreou bring back from the States their experiences from the women's team of Penn State.

Panagiotis Androutsopoulos gives his explanation on the subject "tendency and programming the youth teams". In the 29th issue of the magazine you can also read about the offensive plays of the Boston Celtics and photostories from the Association's events in Athens and Salonica". ...intelligent web software