"Calathes like... Stocton"


Although Florida didn't advance to the final NCAA tournament of men's college basketball but Nick Calathes won the credentials.

The 18-years-old guard was named as one of the five best players of SEC. The coach of Arkansas, John Pelphry, compared him with John Stocton. "No one in the game's history runs the pick-n-roll better than him. That may sound a bit strange, but the truth is that he is not far behind him" was his words.

Calathes finished the season as the 6th best scorer (17.7 points), first in assists (6.5), 25th in rebounds (5.2) and 2nd in steals (2.0) in the Conference. He was also the best "Gators" in made three point shots with 67.

"The way he reads the defense is amazing. A lot of times he surprises his teammates because they find themselves really open. There is no way you can stop their three point shots. He is an amazing offender, a huge player" coach Pelphry added.


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