The mutual demands of the Players' Union and the GBCA


After the decision of the Administration Council of the Players' Union and the Greek Basketball Coaches Association a combined proposition was delivered to the competent organizations of basketball, calling them for a dialogue in order to make the Greek championship one of the best in Europe.

In details the demands of the Players' Union and the GBCA:


1) Guaranty of the teams' budget 


Unfortunately it is common the teams to begin the season without having any guaranty about the way they will pay the contracts signed with the players and the coaches. As a result many of them don't get their money for months and sometimes they don't get the full amount in the end of the year. For that reason the teams have to show some guaranties that they can cover the budget and the agreements they have made with the players and the coaches.

A way of ac: 

A) Guaranty check of 650.000 euro for the teams that want to take part in the league.

B) A credibility fund: 100.000 of the participating in the league of every team with thε participation of the Players' Union. The deposit will create a unified fund (1.500.000 euro) from which any player-coach that has a legal appeal in their hands can collect.

2) Forbid the transaction for any team that has not pay all the money to the players and the coaches

It is unthinkable that there are teams that cannot pay up the players and the coaches, but at the same time expand their budget by adding more players. A team that cannot pay the players and the coaches, cannot make any addition to the roster of change the coach.

A way of act

A) Along with the deposit of the contract of a new athlete the team has to show the proofs that all the other payments have been made.

B) In order to avoid the deposition of false proofs the Players' Union and the GBCA have the right to object. The objection will be followed by the payment of the cost of the committee.

C) If a team is found not to fill the above criteria and the contract cannot be signed the money will be returned to the Players' Union and the GBCA.

3) Transactions of the players that have not been paid to another A1 league in order to find another contract

A player that hasn't been paid for several months cannot stay imprisoned without having the right to search an income for himself and his family. The player that has not been paid will have the right to play for another A1 league so that he can fulfill his financial obligations.

A way of act

A) The player will denounce the team

B) There will be a committee parted by members of the ESAKE, the Federation and the Players' Union which will view over the charges through financial proofs. If the player can prove that he has not been paid, he is granted with the right to play for another team in Greece (A1-A2) or in any other country.

4) Minimum payroll

It is essential to establish a minimum payroll for the coaches. We propose the amount of 80.000 euro for a head coach in A1 league and the amount of 30.000 euro for a head coach in A2 league. As for their assistant coaches the amount for A1 will be 20.000 euro and for A2 10.000 euro.

5) Extension of the coaching ID in every division

The Association asks for the mandatory use of the coaching ID (A, B or C) in order to succeed the verification of the people that are coaching and training the players, because in many occasions the teams prefer people that are uncapable of that task.

6) The foundation of the D' Class Coaching School

The extension of the use of the coaching ID in every division creates the need for the foundation of a shortened Coaching School (D' Class), that requires the half teaching hours and pays a lot of attention in matters of technique and knowledge on the human body and spirit. In that way the young coaches will get a better education on how they will coach young players, which are the most important as they represent the future of basketball. ...intelligent web software