V. Alexandris for the 2-0 and the rest of the finals


Vaggelis Alexandris has watched the finals of the A1 and accepted the invitation to talk about the games between Olympiakos and the Panathinaikos and make his predictions without hesitation, saying that the "red and white team" will cut the score of the series to 2-1.

"I want to start with a comment about the series, underling that in a best-of-three play-off match-up there is not such a thing as home-advantage. We would an advantage if there was one game, or if the 1st team of the regular season played against the 8th. In 5 games the away team often wins and that is something that doesn't happen only in Europe, but in the NBA also. A team can have a bad game and lose at home. And that came up as something negative for Olympiakos in game 1.

The first match-up was a great one. Olympiakos didn't have rhythm and orientation. We have to take under consideration that they missed an important players like Panagiotis Vassilopoulos.

Panathinaikos didn't loose something important, as it already had a successful year winning the Greek Cup and the Euroleague. So they played with confidence, comfort and good tactics. Here I have to say that although Childress is a great NBA-caliber player, he creates problems to his team in offense. Panathinaikos relied on that in the two games. When he is playing the same time as Papaloukas, Olympiakos doesn't have range in his shot. If we add the bad game of Vujcic we find the parts that decided the game.

In the second game Olympiakos was terrible and cannot be criticized. Panathinaikos is a well-practiced team with basic principles. The players are transformed in important parts of the team. For instance Nicholas got into the system and became a started from the beginning.

The fans had the same reaction in the first two games and I am wondering for how long we have to bear these imbeciles who ruin everything. Basketball has to cut them off with any cost.

From now on I believe that Olympiakos will regroup. Besides the problems and the responsibilities for a bad game, there is always the ego. Olympiakos has one in their coaching staff and in their roster and I think that in the next game they will make the 2-1".

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