Markopoulos in PAOK


Over the last days many things changed in the benches of the A1 League. Soulis Markopoulos (who will be one of the lecturers of the International Clinic "Salonica 2009" that starts on Friday) said "goodbye" to Maroussi and signed a new contract (for 2+1 years) with PAOK, where he returned for the second time in his career.

The "two-headed eagle" announced that "PAOK is announcing that Mr. Soulis Markopoulos will be the new coach of the PAOK's basketball team for the next 2+1 seasons".

Maroussi said "goodbye" to the coach that led the team to the first place and to the qualification round of the Euroleague (for the first time in club's history).

"Of course we wanted to keep him in the team and let hip continue his effort, but we have to respect his wish. On this period of time we are obliged to follow a different financial route and have more strict criteria that will secure the team's future.

On the other hand we want to thank from the bottom of our hearts Soulis Markopoulos as a coach and above all as a person for this excellent cooperation we had the last two years. We don't refer only to the great success he had, but mainly to his work ethic, his values and his dignity.

We want him to know that we will always consider him as a part of the Maroussi family and that we will never forget him. The door of Maroussi is always open for a true gentleman that is a jewel for Greek Basketball. We wish him every success to his next team".

Through the official site of Marousi Soulis Markopoulos said that "I want to thank with all my heart the Vovos family, the General Manager Panagiotis Alexandris, all the members of the administration, my assistants, all the member of the staff, the players and the fans for the trust and the love they showed me.

We did everything all together and we lived moment that I will cherish for ever. I can say that I pass the best days of my career in Maroussi. The team played in the highest level and I wish that it will reach even higher, because it deserves it.

It was a clean and sincere cooperation in every aspect and now I understand when someone says that "the words cannot describe all the feelings". ...intelligent web software