Coaches-referees meeting in Barcelona

euroleague_coaches.jpgAnother International Clinic will be held next month in Athens. The American College ACS will be holding the 1st International Clinic on the 2nd, the 3rd and the 4th of October with the participation of successful and well-known coaches from the States and Greece.

The coaches themselves, a total of 42 from both competitions, were active participants, making their own presentations and joining in all discussions. "I think that the Euroleague initiative of helping coaches and referees to meet before the start of the season is a good opportunity for us," Montepaschi Siena head coach Simone Pianigiani said. "That way, we can talk about and discuss many technical aspects with the refereeing director. It is a good chance for everybody to have a better competition next season."

The meeting, held at the El Parc Esportiu del Baix Llobregat, in Cornella de Llobregat, Spain, continues a decade-long tradition of having the competition's coaches and refereeing chiefs talk about officiating trends and applications. The turnout of coaches on the first full-day schedule made Monday's meeting another step forward in the ongoing process of bringing coaches and referees together for the betterment of basketball. The agenda included video reviews to show detailed examples that enhanced the discussions.

"It is very important and useful that we, the coaches, meet the referees before the start of the season, especially in this moment when everybody is not involved in the competition," Benetton Gioco Digitale head coach Frank Vitucci said. "It is always useful to share different points of view with our referees. That way, we know what we expect about new rules or adjustments. Some details can be very important and it is good to get to know them. This meeting helps us know what to tell our players. Some important tactical decisions are made before the games, and my players need to know what to expect from the referees at all time." ...intelligent web software