The A1 coaches Press Conference


The coaches of the A1 attended the Press Conference of the League in Athens and they talked about the challenges of the Greek Championship and the goals of their teams.

Zeljco Obradovic (Panathinaikos): Our goal is to play quality basketball, win all the titles and bring more fans in the gym.

Panagiotis Giannakis (Olympiakos): Our goals are clear. We work hard to cover our weaknesses and with patience a lot of hard work we will do everything to make it. We want to play good basketball".

Giorgos Bartzokas (Maroussi): We started the season quite impressively. Now we have to carry two different kinds of loads, but I think we can make it with extra work. With the chance I have I want to thank Soulis Markopoulos because with his effort the team played into the Euroleague's qualifications".

Fotis Katsikaris (Aris): "I am glad to be back in Greece and especially working in Aris, which is a legendary team with a lot of potentials. The timing of my arrival doesn't leave us a lot of time to improve things dramatically, but we will work hard for it".

Nenand Markovic (Panionios): "This year is totally different than the year before. The team is rather young. It will be a very difficult season and we will be really happy if we can reach the play-offs".

Soulis Markopoulos (PAOK): "Clubs like PAOK are due to aim high. The conditions are tough, but we are going to work hard and wait until the end to make the conclusions.

Giannis Sfairopoulos (Kolossos): I wish a year of happiness and health to everybody. Our goal is to prove that last year was no flare. We want to repeat the season we had and we are going to work hard to achieve our goals.

Kostas Flevarakis (AEK): As you all know we are facing a lot of difficulties. Our goal is to end the season with our head up, as we did the year before. To make that happen we will need once more the help of our supporters.

Kostas Pilafidis (Kavala): Kavala must carry on the last year's work and show improvement. Our goal is to stay in the league.

Vaggelis Koutsokeras (Olympia): It is a significant moment for our city. Everybody is willing to give something extra for the team. Now we will have only one club in Larissa, so we expect the fans to support us.

Vaggelis Aggelou (Trikala): "We are playing for our survival and this year we are seeking for the support of the local community. We have to bring the whole city in the basketball court".

Thanasis Skourtopoulos (Peristeri): "We are back in the A1 league and we want to build a competitive team. Our goal is to stay in the league for many many years".

Stergios Koufos (Ilisiakos): "For us everything is beautiful at the moment! Our priority is to use our young players. This is our goal and it is equal with our position in the standings". ...intelligent web software