"Let's work as a team"


The General Secretary of the Greek Basketball Coaches Association, Theodoros Bolatoglou, saluted the Press Conference of the A1 that was held by the League. "We are not deceived" was the message of the GBCA, who talked about the demands that both the Association and the Players' Union have made, while also there was mentioned that the coaches will support the protest of the players, calling all the basketball parties to work together for the interest of the sport.

"The Greek Basketball Coaches Association want to wish to the league and to all the A1 teams good luck, health and mental toughness because as we all know the Greek Championship is one of the hardest in Europe. The goal of every party is to improve the sport and the conditions in the every day life of the players, the coaches and the administrations. For that reason everybody must work together, in order to make problems disappear.

Regarding our maters the Greek Coach has made a lot of steps forward and our colleagues are considered the top in Europe. And we find great pleasure in the fact that 12 out of the 14 total coaches are Greeks, something that shows their talent, their quality and their skills. But on the hand we cannot be deceived. Despite the fact that Olympiakos and Panathinaikos are playing the leading role in Euroleague, the A1 league is facing a lot of issues. The same goes with the coaches that are in it.

Working with the Players' Union the Greek Basketball Coaches Association has posted long time ago -without any response- their demands for improving the conditions, for securing the position of players and coaches, making the championship better. The GBCA is asking for a minimum contract for the head coach and the assistants, for baning any transaction to a team that hasn't paid the former players of coaches and the proper use of the regulation regarding the coach's ID, in order to avoid situations as the one with Mr. Ratsa and Olympiada.

To make all these happen the GBCA will support the protests of the Players' Union and that's why we want the coaches to help their players, because in the bottom line the demands are the same and will assist the improvement of basketball in general.

We as coaches are thinking with a certain way, criteria and principles on the court and outside the four lines. The same goes with the labor conditions and the constant will for improvement. So lets' everybody work AS A TEAM to make the Greek league even better, even more competitive and even more impressive".

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