Leykada is following Samos

zouros.jpgThe Greek Basketball Coaching Association -with the help of the local union- organized a very successful local clinic in Samos. Elias Zouros, Alekos Daglas, Giannis Chrysanthopoulos and Thodoros Bolatoglou were the main lecturers.

Many coaches from Samos and Ikaria attended the clinic, which was characterized as high-level according to its attendance and the level of the lecturers.The topics were about the fundamentals, the two-player and three-player offense and defense, and tactical issues.

The local clinics will continue over the next days. The next one will be held in Leukada (31st of May and 1st of June), with Giorgos Zeugolos, Vasilis Fragias and Kostas Sorotos as the main lecturers.


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