Final countdown for "Athens 2008"

panellinios.jpgWe are heading towards the International Clinic "Athens 2008", which will be held by the GBCA on the 17th, the 18th and the 19th of July in the indoor gym of Panellinios (Evelpidon 2, Kipseli), with Neven Spahija, Oktay Mahmuti, Eric Musselman and Mike Dunlap as the main lecturers.

The Association is expecting the dynamic attendence of its members, but also the participation of foreign coaches who will be visiting Athens for the Olympic Qualification Tournament.

As it has already been announced the first 250 coaches who will register -besides all the other benefits- for the clinic, will receive free tickets for the Olympic Qualification Tournament (Friday and Saturday).

Also it is noted that during the clinic the members of the GBCA can receive their coaching cards for the season 2008-2009.

Press here for  imformation, the schedule of the clinic and the bios of the lecturers.

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