Takianos: "We won in the summertime"

takia.jpgPanorama had a season full of thorns and insecure, but also a season with great success, in which the team managed to finish in the second place and to avoid demolition despite facing its own administration's ways. The coach who walk that path was Fotis Takianos He talked to sepk.gr and gave advice to any coach that could end up in the same situation.

"From the begging we woke up in a cloudy sky. From the previous summer everything seemed difficult for Panorama. We learned at a very late point that Makedonikos couldn't participate in the division and everything fell behind. We lost many players and our philosophy altered. We focused on players depending to their character.

From there we had to distribute in the best possible way the roles inside the team, so that we could achieve a nice atmosphere among the players and the coaches. We managed to do that through a process of strictness and respect. We knew from day one that we had to work really hard on the court. There was no other way.

Defensively we tried -and I think you had success in it- to have consistency through the whole year and to be prepared for every game so that we wouldn't face problems against any offense. Offensively our option was to rely on our pluralism. We didn't depend on specific things. We had many offense-oriented players, who weren't left out our defensive tactic.

We faced many off court problems from the begging of the season and specifically before Christmas. It is quite difficult for a coach to deal with such situations, which have nothing to do with coaching. It is not an easy thing because veteran players with long careers and experience have to be convinced to leave everything outside the court.

We managed to do that. In every practice and every game we forgot all our problems, because we had decided to respect our efforts. The team managed to endure any problem and we won our bet at summertime, when we chose our players by their character. From day one we had said that advancing to A1 was our goal. And we did it.

Now all the players and coaches we give the administration board a healthy team by 100%, without licks and losses, which will play in A1. We are waiting from them to announce over the next few days their plans. Everyone has to look into the matter, because there is not much time".


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