Banchi: "The great clinics of the GBCA"


Luca Banchi, on of the main lecturers of the International Clinic for Young Players held by the GBCA, described his presence in Greece as a great experience. The Italian coach, who watched very carefully the other lectures in Patras said that he was amazed by the organization and the high level of knowledge that the clinics provide.

 "Despite the fact that the clinic was very organized, the lecturers proved to be of a high level and personally as a coach I gained a lot from the clinic. As for the hospitality, the GBCA did a terrific job to provide to the lecturers everything they need"

 Luca Banchi referred to the next clinic of the GBCA, the international Clinic "Athens 2008", which will be held in the gym of Panellinios in Kipseli. "If I manage to organize my personal program, I will come to Greece to attend it. The lecturers by themselves are a guarantee and I would like to watch them teach in person". ...intelligent web software