Krzyzewski makes history

krzyzewskiDuke of coach Krzyzewski beat Butler (61-59) and won the NCAA title, as "coach-K" made history. The experienced coach congratulated his opponent, the 33years-old Brad Stevens, who talked about a big accomplishment regardless the outcome.

Krzyzewski won his 4th college title in his career and now he is only one trailing legendary John Wooden who has 10 championships.

"First of all, it was a great basketball game. I want to congratulate an amazing Butler team and their fans," Krzyzewski said. "Fabulous year. We played a great game, they played a great game. It's hard for me to say it, to imagine that we're the national champions" was his first words.

To add: "Both teams and all the kids on both teams played their hearts out," Krzyzewski said. "There was never more than a couple, a few points separating, so a lot of kids made big plays for both teams."

Coach Stevens on the other hand became the second youngest coach to play in the final. "I said yesterday that when you coach these guys, you can be at peace with whatever result you achieve from a won-loss standpoint because of what they gave -- they gave everything we had," Stevens said. "There's certainly nothing to hang your head about. I told them in there, what they've done, what they did together, will last longer than one night, regardless of the outcome." ...intelligent web software