"This is the most unprofessional behavior"


The Greek Basketball Coaches Association denounces the behavior of the President of Trikala, Giorgos Giannoulas, made a personal verbal attack to Giannis Christopoulos. The GBCA send a letter, in which it expresses its grief for the sayings of Mr. Giannoulas.

The index of the letter:

"The Greek Basketball Coaches Association, after congratulating AS Trikala for their effort in A1 league, knowing that Greek Basketball needs such organized teams in their highest level, wants to express its grief for the saying of its president, Giorgos Giannoulas, towards our member, Giannis Christopoulos.

The president of Trikala in a recent interview accused the Greek coach for lack of professionalism and knowledge, saying that "his players had many injuries".

Such quotes decrease the prestige of people of basketball and we think that they don't go along with the respected effort that the administration of Trikala is making in every level.

The fact that Giannis Christopoulos and Trikala have a legal dispute is creating suspicion about the motives of Mr. Giannoulas, who aspersed the coach Giannis Christopoulos.

Our member doesn't ask anything more than the agreed. The president accused the coach for lack of professionalism, while himself is showing the most unprofessional behavior, because he is not following the contract that both sides signed. It is something that cannot be tolerated in any advanced basketball country.

Besides that Mr. Giannoulas railed in public, making a personal verbal attack to a coach, who haven't given any reason for that, but has on the contrary shown high working moral and results to the team he has already worked".


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