New date and coach Trinchieri


The Administration Board of the Greek Basketball Coaches Association decided to change the dates of the International Basketball Clinic "Faidonas Mathaiou", which will be held in Salonica on the 29th, the 30th of June and the 1st of July (instead of 15-17 of June). Also it is announced that the italian coach of Cantu, Andrea Trinichieri, will lecture in the Clinic.


The decision was made from the Administration Board because of the timetable of the play-offs of foreign championships, such as the one in Spain, in German and in Italy. Most of the leagues will hold the final games on the 22th of June. With the new date not only can the GBCA bring high-level coaches to lecture (such as coach Trinchieri), but also many foreign coaches can have the opportunity to watch the Clinic. Already, a lot of coaches from abroad have expressed their interest to visit Salonica and attend the lectures.

As for the lectures, besides Zeljco Obradovic and Dimitris Itoudis, Andrea Trinchieri will give three lectures. The young coach from Italy is the one that led Cantu into the Euroleague's Top-16. ...intelligent web software