Petropoulos and Christopoulos lecture in Patras


Two more coaches with great experience were added to the International Basketball Clinic for Young Players, which will be held in Patras on the 20th and the 21th of June. Kostas Petropoulos and Giannis Christopoulos will be two of the main lecturers of the clinic and will refer to subjects of great interest. “Nureyev” will lecture about the teaching methodology of the jump shot and on the other hand Giannis Christopoulos will talk about the teaching methodology of individual defense.



Kostas Petropoulos



Kostas Petropoulos was bon on the 7th of January 1956. He played professionally at Apollon Patras from 1968 to 1987 and become famous about his ‘'plastic" moves, which gave him the nickname "Nureyev".Following six surgeons he was forced to an early retirement. In 1986 he was the second best scorer of the greek league and in 1987 he gained the third position in the same statistical category. He scored in total 4.255 points in the Greek League.He debuted in the national team on the 22th of June in 1975 and played 82 times wearing the colors of Greece. Until his last international game (13 February of 1985) he scored 811 points.

As a player of the national team he participated once in the European Championship, three times in the Mediterranean Games, three times in the Balkan Championship, twice in the European Championship's challenge round, once in the Olympic Qualification Tournament and once in the preliminary round of the World Championship. He gained two gold medals in the Mediterranean Games and the Balkan Championship.As a player he started his started his coaching career. He started from Arionas, worked in Olympiada and Apollon Patras, before coaching in the A1 League, begging with Peristeri (1991-93 and continuing in Apollonas Patras (1993-95), Sporting (1996-1998), Maroussi (1998-1999) and Panellinios (2005).

His first experience as a national team coach was in 1988. He was the head coach of the juniors' team (Manhim tournament 1993), the women's team (challenge round 1989), the cadets' team (4th place in the European Championship of 1988). He was the assistant coach, working side by side with Makis Dendrinos and Efthimios Kioumourtzoglou, in the European Championship of 1989 (silver medal), of 1991 (5th place), of 1993 (4th place) and the World Championship of 1990 (6th place).He returned to the men's team bench on the 23th of March 1999 and at his first game he led the team to a win over Nederland (64-39) in the 2nd of June 1999 at OAKA.


Giannis Christopoulos

Ηe was born in the 7th of June in 1974 and was one of the youngest head-coach to participate in A1 League. He worked in Patras, Germany and Cyprus, before taking the opportunity that AEL gave him. Although he was named the interim head coach of Apollon Patras, Larissa was his fist complete season as a head coach in A1. He began his career as a member of the technical staff of Universitatea Cluj Napoca.

He worked at the junior teams of Apollon Patras and was Faidonas Mathaiou's associate in Panachaiki. He become a member of the coaching staff of Apollon Patras in 1988, as an assistant to both Kostas Petropoulos and Dirk Bauerman, whom he followed in Brnat Hagen and Baburg.

In 2004 he led APEOL to the FIBA Cup's semifinals and to the Cypriot Cup's final. In 2005 he returned to Apollon as an assistant coach. He was name head coach in the place o Darko Rousso in the middle of the season and after that he worked in AEL and Olympiada Patras. ...intelligent web software