The mutual effort of GBCA and PAPBC


A meeting with a very positive outcome was held in the offices of the Association, between delegates from the GBCA and delegates from the Panhellenic Association of Professional Basketball Players . The coaches and the players agreed in very particular points that have to be altered in Greek basketball. They also decided to have mutual actions over the subject.

The Greek Basketball Coaches Association was represented by the Vice Presidents Th. Rodopoulos and G. Kalafatakis, the General Secretary Th. Bolatoglou and the Cashier S. Eliadis. On behalf of the players the President L. Papadopoulos, the General Ssecretary N. Spanos and the General Manager K. Alexandridis were present.

They also discussed (and both parts will have a general assembly for the matter) the creation of a camp next summer, which will address to players of certain ages, just before the turn pro. In that camp, which everybody will try to estate over the years, some professional players will talk about the ‘traps' that are hidden in a potential career and the coaches will attribute with their knowledge inside the four lines of the court. ...intelligent web software