The lecturers shined in Veroia

sepk_mesa.jpgThe coaches that attended the 9th International Clinic for Young Players in Veroia on the 13th and the 14th of June, left with the best impressions. It was a Clinic that will be unforgettable because of the great lectures given by Giannis Sfairopoulos, Steve Spencer and Sito Alonso.


The coach of Kolossos Rhodes talked about the basic principles of individual training and especially about the offensive moves with back to the basket and the offensive moves facing the basket. He underlined the need for focusing on the details.


With great energy and passion Steve Spencer talked about the methodology of teaching the jump shot and about the key points of ballhandling. He also showed many relevant drills. The second day of the clinic the American coach didn't hesitate to... roll on the court so he can teach the proper way to play defense and especially the pressing one.


The coach that was on the spotlight was no other than Sito Alonso. The young head coach of Joventut Badalona gained everybody's attention with his special lectures. At the first day he talked about the "dribble", teaching a different technique and giving another dimension to its use. Moreover he showed drills, video and he didn't hesitate to demonstrate his dribble technique in a way that even his ‘'student'' Ricky Rubio would be jealous of.


In the second day Alonso referred to a special part of defense with the title "avoiding resting on the court". He talked about how the players have to be in a constant movement so that they could make the life of the offenders more difficult and become more affective. After sweating with the young players we finished his lecture with a 5 minute video.


After the end of the clinic the honors followed. Initially the GBCA honored the lecturers. "We thank Giannis for his presence and for the detailed and methodical lectures he gave" said the General Secretary of the Association, Thodoros Bolatoglou. Giannis Sfairopoulos on his part thanked the audience and the administration of the GBCA, which gave him the opportunity to trade sides. From the stands he moved to the court talking to his colleagues.


"We were happy to have you among us. Congratulation" quoted the vice-president of the GBCA, Thodoros Rodopoulos, giving a placket to Steve Spencer.


"I am thrilled to be here. It was a lot of fun" admitted Sito Alonso, who was honored by Nikos Apostolidis. From his part the member of the GBCA's administration board said: "We have to thank coach Alonso for his presence, for the depth of his knowledge and for his passion".


After that the GBCA gave a placket to the mayor Chara Ousoultzoglou-Georgiadis, to the president of the local union Giorgos Dimitriadis and the vice-mayor Giorgos Mihailidis, for the opportunity to participate in the memorial celebration of the athletic year "Dimitrios Vikelas".


The mayor of Veroia besides the placket to the Association, gave to the "clinic's soul", which were the three lecturers, a 2008 sign made of crystal because "that is the material of the athleticism's virtues" as Chara Ousoultzoglou-Georgiadis noted.

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